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happy saxophone and clarinet pupilsWhat Pupils and Parents Say...

 Janice H,  adult clarinet pupil
I've been taking clarinet lessons with Julia for almost 6 years and with her encouragement have progressed much further than I ever thought I would. She teaches in a very relaxed and friendly manner whilst at the same time making sure I'm always challenged. I leave each lesson feeling that I've achieved something worthwhile. 
Nicola T, parent of George, aged 11
After a slow start at school George made rapid progress on his saxophone with instruction from Julia and is sitting his Grade 2 after just one year. He always looks forward to his visits and finds her inspirational; he feels he gains a great deal from each lesson and consequently loves playing at home. He adores her dog, Perry.
saxophone lesson Julia Middleton and Charlotte
Arthur E, aged 13
Julia has improved how I play the clarinet enormously. To begin with she made lots of helpful suggestions to make me more comfortable when I was playing. My posture and breathing has got better and the sound I get from my clarinet is great now. I had never improvised before, so that was scary at first, but now I love it! 

Felicity S-T, parent of Josie, aged 13
soprano sax, clarinet, saxophoneJulia has taught my daughter for 4 years and and is an excellent teacher. Josie has been able to play a wide variety of music, and her improvisational skills have been encouraged. I have been particularly impressed by the way Josie was prepared for her Grade 2; meticulously, with a light touch and without it becoming boring - not an easy feat. Julia is not 'stuck in a rut' and is always keen to learn new teaching skills and respond to the needs of her pupils so as to get the very best from them.    
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