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Woodwind Tuition with Julia Middleton

French Coaching - GCSE and A Level

I have a French degree from Durham University achieving a 2:1 with a distinction in spoken French. I also studied and worked in France for 5 years which increased my fluency and knowledge of the country, especially Paris. I have a great fondness for the country and love to pass my enthusiasm on to my pupils! I have over 20 years experience of 1:1 tuition for all ages, in both languages and music.

I use internet resources such as Languages Online and the BBC Website, as well as current revision publications and past exam papers to support teaching, with a strong emphasis on giving pupils a firm foundation in grammar which can then be built on in conjunction with vocabulary. Students have little opportunity to practise their spoken French at school and learn how to pronounce words accurately so I make this an integral part of the lesson too.

I expect my pupils to study in between lessons for maximum progress but even if time is difficult to find they can still make some progess with weekly lessons of 45 minutes and generally find that their classes at school become much easier!

I also offer classes to adults who wish to hone their skills for their own enjoyment or to help them on holiday; each individual pupils needs are considered and the lesson tailored accordingly.


'Molly's confidence has improved greatly since she has been having lessons with Julia, and she is noticing a great difference at school, finding that the extra input each week helps enormously. She is now thinking of doing A level French and came out of last week's lesson with a big smile, having got 35 out of 40 in a mock GCSE reading paper!'

( S J Davidson, parent)

'Each French lesson with Julia really helped top up my speaking skills and gave me much more confidence with grammar, reading and writing. My teachers at school wondered how these sudden improvements had come about! The sessions were invaluable, especially as my A level exams crept closer. Having someone to practise speaking with, and go over grammar, vocabulary and longer texts gave me a big advantage, helping me get an A at the end of it all!

(Claire, former A level student, Cherwell School)

'Lessons have boosted my grades and I now find understanding French texts much easier!'

(Molly, GCSE student)